3 Tips to Break Windows 10/8/7 Administrator Password in 2020

Forgetting Windows 10 administrator password can be a huge pain, especially if you're in a hurry to finish something, or if you simply just want to retrieve something from your computer, and you are locked out because you don't know what the password is. In the past, you might even have to reset the entire operating system, which is a real tragedy. But now you can break Windows 10 administrator password in a number of options.

Please don't worry too much because there are a lot of ways that you could try to break Windows 10 admin password with the use of these three simple suggestions: Safe Mode, Command Prompt, and PassGeeker for Windows program.

Method 1. Safe Mode
Method 2. Command Prompt
Method 3. Windows 10 Password Breaking Tool


Method 1: Break Windows 10/8/7 Administrator Password in Safe Mode

Booting Windows 10 in Safe Mode usually solves certain Windows issues, including forgotten Windows password. Only vital components allowed to run in Safe Mode with advanced privileges. The first part we will share in this post is how to break Windows 10 admini password in Safe Mode.

You can start Safe Mode in Windows 7 by pressing the F8 key in succession while you are starting your computer. Then, you can use the arrow keys to choose the Safe Mode option and pressing the Enter key.

On the other hand, if you are using Windows 8 or 10, you can start safe mode by going through the login screen first. From there, click on the Power Options icon found at the bottom-right of the screen and click on the Restart option while pressing down the Shift key. Just keep on pressing down the Shift key until an interface appears with various options. Among those options, you simply have to click on Troubleshoot and then the Advanced options. After that, click on the Startup settings and key in the respective number for Safe Mode.

Once you've successfully started your computer in Safe Mode, you can then access the Windows menu where the user, guest, and Administrator accounts are located. Among those three, you must select the Administrator account so that you can access the system configuration and allow the break Windows login password.

break windows 10 password safe mode

Upon logging in as an Administrator, the system will execute some tests so that you could continue. This process is called Error-proof mode. In this process, you will need to choose the Yes option to the first notification being displayed in order to continue to proof the errors. After that, you will then access a black background desktop where you must now open the Control Panel and select User Accounts and click on the Change Password option. You will then be asked to key in the new password that you must type later upon logging in through Normal mode. After keying in the new password, you can now restart the computer in Normal Mode.

Method 2: How to Break Windows 10 Admin Password Using Command Prompt (without Software)

Using the Command Prompt to break Windows 10 administrator password can be quite difficult and tricky, especially for those people who doesn't have the technical knowledge. So, for those who are going to try out this method, please proceed with caution. Now here are the steps that you should follow to reset Windows password using Command Prompt:

Step 1: From the login screen, you simply have to click on the Power Options icon that is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then selecting the Restart option.

Step 2: After that, just press down on the F8 key in order to make your computer enter into Safe Mode. Then navigate to the Advanced Boot Options where you can choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt from the three boot options available.

Step 3: Once the Windows login screen appears, choose the administrator account. Then, once the Windows desktop loads, click on the Start button and select Run. This will prompt a command box where you need to key in cmd.exe, which will result to a Command Prompt dialog box to appear.

Step 4: On the Command Prompt dialog box, type "net user" and press on the Enter key. Doing so will result to all the Windows accounts to be listed in the screen. Next, key in the account that you wish to change with this command "net user username newpassword".

Step 5: Once the command is successful, you can now break into your Windows computer safely without password

break windows 10 password command prompt

Method 3: Breaking Windows 7/8/10 Password with PassGeeker for Windows

Frankly speaking, the above two methods for break Windows 10 administrator password are two hard with users who have less computer knowledge. It consumes more time and kind of risky to mess up the computer. So the last method in this article is by using a Windows password recovery tool, which takes less time and no risky at all.

PassGeeker for Windows is a professional Windows password recovery tool that can ensure zero data loss. It is a smart password recovery tool that is trusted by thousands Windows users around the world. Plus, it can reset any password from any Windows computer effortlessly. Here are the steps that you should follow when using PassGeeker for Windows:



Step 1: Download and Install

Download and install the Windows password breaking software in a separate PC or laptop. After you have successfully installed it, you can now proceed to launch the program.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Prepare Windows Password Breaking USB or CD

After opening and activating the software, you must then plug in either a blank CD/DVD or a USB flash drive into the computer. Next, click on the "Burn CD/DVD" or "Burn USB" option so that you could continue to create a password breaking disk.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Power on and Boot Locked Windows 10 from USB or CD

The default boot media is usually set to hard drive on all computers. If you failed to change the default boot media, then the program won't be able to load. So, it is very important that you change the boot order. You can do so through the boot menu or through the BIOS settings.

Windows Password Reset Completed

Step 4: Break Windows 10/8/7 Admin Password

Now, proceed to click on the "Reset Password" button to successfully reset your password to blank. After that, you can now click on the "Reboot" button and you are all set. You can now log in without entering a password.

Windows Password Reset Removed


Wrap Up

If you've forgotten Windows 10 administrator password, PassGeeker for Windows is the best tool that you can use to break Windows 10 administrator password. The best feature of this tool is that it is compatible with all versions of Windows, which includes the Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista. It also works nicely with 32-bit and 64-bit devices. Most importantly, it bypass Windows admin password without any data loss. It's even tested on some major computer brands such as Dell, Asus, and HP.