How to Bypass Windows 7 Password Using Command Prompt

If you forgot Windows 7 password and no longer had access to Windows 7 computer, there is no way to do anything on the device. You can't even access your computer. Although Microsoft does not have easy ways of bypassing Windows 7 login password, you have several options to do so and the famous one is using command prompt to bypass Windows password. Check out this tutorial to learn how to get this done in full steps.

How to Bypass Windows 7 Password Using Command Prompt

In default, Command Prompt is available when the computer stays at desktop. But now you forgot the password and there is no direct way to access CMD tool. Instead, you need to boot Windows 7 in safe mode and lanuch command prompt tool from there in order to byass Windows 7 password. So you need to create a Windows 7 setup USB memory or DVD on a different PC. In case you already have one, use it to boot your locked PC into Safe Mode.

Step 1: After booting from Windows 7 USB installer, modify the language and keyboard, wait for the installation environment to load. Choose the language and keyboard interface as per your preference. Then tap "Next". Now follow the steps shown below.

Step 2: Tap on the link "Repair your computer" located on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step 3 : Select "Troubleshoot" on asking which option you want to prefer.

Step 4 : Then go to "Advanced options" and tap on "Command Prompt".

Step 5 : Once you access the elevated Command Prompt window, bypass the forgotten password by using this command:

net user user_account new_password

Replace user_account and new_password with the account name and new password being assigned to that account.

Step 5 : Then hit Enter and wait until it confirms the following: "The operation completed successfully." This step confirms that the password to your Windows account is changed successfully.

bypass windows 7 password cmd

Step 6 : Exit the Command Prompt and select "Continue" to proceed to the next screen

Note: The only issue with this method is that it automatically instructs Windows 7 to enter into Safe Mode every time you start it unless you tell it not to enter Safe Mode. To change this setting and normally boot your Windows 7 system, search Command Prompt window from Windows start dialog box and type the quoted command in the command dialog: bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot

Bypass Windows 7 Password Better than Using Command Prompt

Unlike other time-consuming Windows password bypass methods, PassGeeker for Windows helps to bypass Windows account password effortlessly without hassle. This tool needs no additional setup or input command to fully bypass Windows password. You just need to move the mouse and make some clicks as per the on-screen instructions. With the embedded ISO burning software, you can create a password reset disk within a short time.



Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery tool on another PC where you have the admin permission access. Then follow the on-screen commands to install the tools on the PC. Then open the program by double-clicking the desktop shortcut. Finally, the main interface will appear like this:

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: In this step, you need to create a password bypass disk to remove local account password. You can either use CD/DVD or USB rive to create the password disk by clicking on the drop-down menus after choosing a target storage media. After that, click "Burn USB" and wait till it burns the ISO file to the preferred disk.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Set the USB or DVD as first boot device, according to the media type you used in the previous step. To start up your PC from the external device, you have to modify the boot order, as the default order is set to the hard drive.

Start your PC and press any of these special keys (Enter, F2, Esc, Delete or similar) to open the Boot menu or Basic Input Output System settings. You will find the special key on the startup monitor display. In case you don't see any key, find it from Google or Bing.

Windows Password Reset Completed

Step 4: Use the disk to boot up the locked computer. On startup, the interface of the password bypass tool will appear. Open it and choose the locked username of your PC along with its OS version. Then click "Reset Password" for once and wait till it completely erases your computer password. Finally, restart your PC and use it normally.


Hopefully, the above methods help to bypass Windows 7 password using Command Prompt. If you don't have the time or expertise to use the command prompt method, then straightaway apply the second option PassGeeker for Windows. The app is easy to install and helps you bypass your Windows 7 account PC in no time.