How to Change Windows 10 Password After You Forgot It

Usually, when you attempt to change Windows 10 password, it asks you for the current or old password before you can set a new password. But at times, it may just slip through your memory and have forgotten the current password. So how can you tackle such a situation? Well, there are some trump cards. Let me guide you through how you can change Windows 10 password with or without knowing the current password. Let get started!

Method 1. Change Windows 10 Password via Microsoft Account
Method 2. Change Windows 10 Password via Command Prompt
Method 3. Change Windows 10 Password via PassGeeker for Windows


Method 1: How to Change Windows 10 Password via Microsoft Account on a Locked Computer

Window 8 and Windows 10 has a default feature to sign in Windows device using Microsoft account, which is used across multiple services offered by Microsoft. If this was the case, then you can change Windows 10 password online and use the new password for login.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft account password reset page:

change microsoft account password for login

Step 2: Input the email id and proceed to next step.

Step 3: Microsoft needs to verify your identity. So please input last 4 digits of the phone number associated with that account.

Step 4: Microsoft will send over a code into your mobile for verification.

Step 5: You will receive a code on your phone shortly. Insert that code. A new page pops up and ask you setting a new password for login. Re-type the new password. Then hit enter.

If your password was changed, you will see this message: "You've successfully changed your password!" and you can use the new password for Windows 10 login.

Method 2: How to Change Windows 10 Password Using Command Prompt (Know Current Password)

Changing Windows 10 password is much easier with command prompt. Only needs to type one command to fully change the local account password. However, this method works only when you are already logged in Windows 10 and know the current password. If you are looking for a way to reset the forgotten password, then switch to Part 3 to know how to change Windows 10 password instead.

Step 1: Click Win + R key and type "cmd" to open command prompt utilty on Windows..

Step 2: Enter "net user" and press Enter to list all accounts on that computer.

Step 3 : Now type "net user user_name new_password". User_name is the name of local account you want to change the password. The new_password is the new password for next login. Then restart your PC, and you will be able to log in into Windows 10 using the new password.

break windows 10 password command prompt

Method 3: How to Change Windows 10 Password without Knowing the Old Password

According to user feedback, there are a few users who didn't sign in with Microsoft account and forgot the admin password. What's the solution for them? In this part, we are going to share an incredible tips to change Windows 10 password without knowing the old password.

In this part, we need a special utility to help us changing or resetting Windows 10 password. The name is PassGeeker for Windows, one of the great Windows password recovery programs in 2020. It has an amazing user interface and the password reset function is extremely powerful. No matter how complex the password is, it is capable of removing it from computer instantly. In addition, it supports Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server.



Step 1: Prepare for Installation

Go ahead and download the Windows Password Recovery software on a Windows PC or Mac. If you're trying out the tool for the first time, I prefer you use the free trial edition. Once downloaded, launch the .exe file. Choose the settings and language of your preference and hit Install. Once the Installation gets complete, hit Finish to launch the software.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Create Windows Password Changing USB or CD

The user interface of the PassGeeker for Windows is pretty cool. It offers you 2 options to pick from: one is the USB flash drive and another one is the CD/DVD drive. For the first one, you will require a USB flash drive whereas the second one requires a CD/DVD. After you've picked your decision, you'll need to create a recovery disc for resetting Windows 10 password. Keep in mind that you need to format your USB flash device before you can use it. An unused DVD should also be used in the similar way. When the resetting disc is created, you will receive a message "Burning Successfully".

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Start Changing Windows 10 Password

Now enter the USB Flash device or DVD to the locked Windows PC or laptop and power it on. And then set the right settings via BIOS so that the PC boots from the DVD or USB you plugged in. Soon, PassGeeker for Windows will appear on the desktop. You'll get all user accounts relate to your computer. Choose any of the user accounts and press on "Reset Password". There you are, that's how you change the password and the PC restarts normally.

Windows Password Reset Completed



You can easily change Windows 10 password using the methods described in this article if you ever forgot it . We highly suggest you using PassGeeker for Windows if you're in a rush as it will bypass Windows PC password instantly. That being said, if you have sufficient time and expertise, you can use other softwares, or even try formatting your computer. However, it's recommended only if you don't have important data on your PC. I hope this guide helped you to solve the issue.