Forgot Windows 10 Password? How to Recover Windows 10 Password

If you had experienced forgetting Windows 10 password in the past, then you probably knew how frustrating it could be to try to reset the password. Before, you might have panicked and thought about reinstalling Windows 10 OS. Fortunately, you no longer have to do that.

Below you will find some pretty useful and simple solutions after forgot Windows 10 password. You will realize that each of these solutions has their own pros and cons, so it's best if you think about which solution you're most comfortable with before going through the process.

Forgot Windows 10 Password Method 1. Windows 10 Password Reset Disk
Forgot Windows 10 Password Method 2. Recover Windows 10 Password Online
Forgot Windows 10 Password Method 3. Recover Windows 10 Password (Local Account)


Method 1: Forgot Windows 10 Password? How to Recover it Using Password Reset USB

This solution is for those who have created a password reset disk beforehand before forgetting Windows 10 password. If you don't have a password reset disk, then you obviously need to look at the other solutions below. Here are the steps that you need to follow to bypass Windows 10 password when using a password reset disk:

Step 1: Plug in the password reset disk to your device.

Step 2: Upon logging in with the incorrect password, there will be a prompt message indicating that the password is incorrect. All you need to do is click on the OK button.

Windows 10 Password Reset Disk

Step 3: Click on the Reset password link. After that, the Password Reset Wizard will pop out. Click on the Next button.

Step 4: A new dialog box will then appear asking for the drive where the password key disk is located. The drive is automatically selected by default. So, just click on the Next button.

Step 5: The Password Reset Wizard will then ask you to set up a new password. Type your new password and click on the Next button. After that, you can use the new password for login and the forgotten password was removed.

Method 2: Forgot Windows 10 Password? How to Recover Windows 10 Password Online

Windows 10 has a sign-in option for Microsoft account. Once the password of Microsoft account being reset online, you can login the computer with the new password associated with Microsoft account. However, this method requires you to use another device in order to open Windows Live password reset page on the Microsoft website. That way, you could reset Windows 10 password online. It's fairly easy and convenient. Here are the steps that you need to follow to reset Windows 10 password online after forgetting Windows 10 password.

Step 1: Visit the Windows Live password reset website using another computer or mobile device with Internet access. Once you're on the page, type in your Microsoft account username and click on the Forgot password link.

Step 2: After that, you will see the Recover Account screen. You will then be required to type some characters into a box provided within the page. Click on the Next button

Step 3: You will be directed to the next screen for verification. There, you are two choices on how you want to receive the security code: via email or via text message. If you choose via text message, you will then be required to type in the last four digits of your mobile device.

Step 4: Enter the code you received and click on the Next button. You can now enter a new password and confirm. Now you can login Windows 10 computer with the new password.

Reset Windows 10 Password Online

Method 3: Forgot Windows 10 Password Local Account? How to Recover Local Admnistrator Password

The third option we offer is to use third-party password recovery programs, which is valid chocie for resetting password for local account. There are a number of password recovery software on the Internet so it is hard to make a choice if you didn't know much about them.

So if you're looking for a unique software that will get the job done with high success rate, then I highly recommend using PassGeeker for Windows. It's trusted by a lot of Windows users across the globe. I did test it on my Windows 10 laptop and the password was reset successfully in less than 3minutes. Here are the steps that you need to follow when resetting your password using PassGeeker for Windows:



Step 1: Install Password LabWin and Create Windows 10 Password Reset USB

On a separate Windows computer, download the software and install it. Insert a USB flash drive and create a bootable disk with USB by clicking the Burn USB button.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Boot from Windows 10 Reset USB

Then, insert the disk or the USB drive into your locked computer and boot up using the media. In the course of rebooting your locked computer, you will need to change the boot order from the boot menu by pressing either F2, Del, or Esc. After you have successfully changd the boot order, you can then resume the boot process.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Wait for Software Loading

When the computer starts to boot from password reset usb, wait 30 seconds for PassGeeker for Windows interface to appear on the screen.

Windows Password Reset Completed

Step 4: Reset Password of Local (Admin) Account

Select the correct OS version as well as the account that you need to unlock and click the "Reset Password" option. After a new password is set, click on "Reboot" button to complete the process. Remove the media, restart your computer, and login without entering a password.

Windows Password Reset Completed


Final Comment

Of course, you could always use third-party Windows password removal tools or simply choose to restore Windows 10 to a previous state with an old password that you are able to remember, but it would be a bit of a hassle because you'd have to reinstall some programs that you have already installed before. The best way to fix 'forgot Windows 10 password' problem is using third-party password recovery tools according to our test result.