How to Get into a Locked (Windows 10/7/8) Computer or Laptop without Password

The latest versions of Windows 10 have increased the security features of the operating system to the point that user will remain locked out of their computers for a few hours if they placed the wrong password after a number of times. While this is a great way to keep things secure, it's also bothersome for people who are plain careless or have memory issues. Having a protected computer is not a laughable matter, especially since every PC in the world can be used as a bridge to pass data by dishonest people on the internet. The following is a brief guide on three simple methods to get access to your computer if you forgot your password for some reason.

Method 1. Reset Microsoft Password Account
Method 2. Use Command Prompt
Method 3. Windows Password Cracking Software


Method 1: How to Get into a Locked Computer without Password - Online Password Reset

This is probably the easiest one and a no-brainer to get into a locked computer by resetting the password. Head to another computer or use a smart device with a proper internet connection and follow these steps:

Step 1: Type on the web browser of your choice and pick the ??forgotten password?? option, click next.

Step 2: Microsoft will ask for information related to your account. You can use your email ID or your personal phone number, after offering the information click next again. The Service will ask for a way to get a security code to you to confirm your identity. You can get by e-mail or as an SMS text.

Reset Windows 10 Password Online

Step 3: After getting the code, you need to place it on the box where they are asking for it. Notice that if you are working on a smart device and you request an SMS, the code will be delivered automatically to your account.

Step 4: Once the security code has been placed, Microsoft will ask for a new password. Make sure you create one that is easy to remember or use a locked pad note in your smart device to safe keep the information. After you are done, you will have full access to your windows account again in all devices with the password you just created.

Method 2: How to Get into a Locked Laptop without Password - Command Prompt

Command Prompt is one of the oldest features found on all of Microsoft operating systems. It's mostly used by programmers to handle critical task related to the functionality of a computer. As you can probably expect there is a backdoor to bypass protection from your local account using this feature. Beware though: typing incorrect commands can cause damage to the structure of your PC and affect functionality. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Insert a Windows boot disk on the locked device and let it run

Step 2 : Wait until you get a login screen on your PC, when it happens you will have to press the "shift" key five ties on the keyboard.

Step 3 : Command Prompt will launch immediately. You need to write the following command without misspelling a single letter: "net user xxx1 xxx2" (the xxx1 stands for your actual username on the account, the xxx2 stand for the new password you will be using)

Step 4 : Hit the Enter button and you are set. Now you have to reboot your PC and place the new password to keep working.

net user reset command prompt

Method 3: Get into a Locked Windows Computer - PassMoz Password Recovery Software

Our last recommendation is using one of the most reliable programs to remove a password on the latest Windows operating systems. PassGeeker for Windows offers various options to create password reset options using physical devices such as flash drives or CD/DVDs. The software has been designed to have compatibility with all the popular brands out there, so it really doesn't matter if your PC is an Asus, a Dell or something that you built yourself. Here is how it works:

Support Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server.

Supported Computer Brand: HP, Dell, ThinkPad, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba and more.



Step 1: Install Windows Password Recovery Software

Get to an unlocked computer and download the PassGeeker for Windows software, hit the .exe file and install the program on the device to create the password reset code that will go in the flash drive or the disc.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Password Recovery Disk Creation

Once you get PassGeeker for Windows running, it will ask for your device of choice to create the booting device, if you insert a flash drive the program will detect it immediately and will offer an option to ??Burn USB.?? The same will happen if you place a disk. Hit that option, and the code will be set in your storage media of choice.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Boot from USB or CD

After creating the boot device, you need to turn on the locked computer and press f5 until you get the BIOS setting screen. The options to navigate are pretty easy to spot on. You need to change the bootable media from your HDD to a flash drive or CD and hit enter.

Step 4: Reset the User Password

Now you will have to place the USB drive or the disk in the computer and reboot it one more time. The code created by PassGeeker for Windows will load instantly on a display screen that will ask to choose the version of windows used on your computer as well as the username registered to the account. After offering that information, you will be allowed to remove the password by clicking "Reset Password" button.

Windows Password Reset Completed

You will be asked to restart the computer again, and that will be the end of it. As far as safe methods go to get your information back this one is pretty easy, don' you think?