Lost Windows 10 Admin Password and No Reset Disk? How to Fix This

So, you lost or forgot Windows 10 admin login password and failed to create a password reset disk in advance? Don't worry too much about it, because unless you are a super-organized person that thinks of every minute detail, it happens to all of us at one time or another. However, don't rush to reset your PC or do a reinstallation of Windows 10, because that is not at all required. As long as you have the right tools, you can recover lost Windows 10 administrator password with below suggestions.

Method 1. Command Line Utility
Method 2. Windows 10 Password Reset Tool


Method 1: Lost Windows 10 Administrator Password? How to Recover with Command Line Utility

One way to do if lost Windows 10 admin password is to use command line utilities like ONTP&RE, or Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. You can also try Command Prompt commands to reset Windows 10 password. Or you can use a combination of a Windows 10 installation disk and some lines of command to remove the login password. The only problem with all these methods is that they either have limitations and restrictions, or it requires technical expertise and maybe even additional tools to achieve your objective. For example, with the installation disk method, you will need to be comfortable with command line work as well as require an additional disk image authoring software. With the direct Command Prompt method you will need access to another admin account on the same computer, and so on.

Is there a way to reset a Windows 10 password without going through all those hassles? Yes, there is, and it's called PassGeeker for Windows. This award-winning software is trusted by millions of Windows users and is one of the most reliable password reset tools available on the market today.

command prompt password reset windows 10

Method 2: Lost Windows 10 Login Password and No Reset Disk? Use PassGeeker for Windows Software

PassGeeker for Windows offers a deceptively simple way to reset any Windows 10 password, including user, guest and local admin accounts, as well as network admin and Microsoft account. I use the word "deceptive" because what you see on the surface is very clean and simple enough for a novice user to understand and navigate through. However, the background processes are complex as well as comprehensive. The software is self-contained, and includes an ISO burning utility as well as the reinstallation environment required to boot from a disk.

PassGeeker for Windows uses a three-step-method to create a password reset disk after you've lostten the password, and then use that disk to unlock your PC. It doesn't matter how difficult the password is or what type of account is locked. PassGeeker for Windows will bypass Windows 10 admin password in an instant once you've prepared the reset disk on another computer.



Step 1: Create the Reset Disk on DVD or USB Stick

On a secondary computer with admin access, download and install the PassGeeker for Windows application. You can get it from the official website here. Now insert a USB flash drive or a writable DVD/CD, launch the software and wait for the media to be recognized by the program. On the interface, you'll see a Burn option next to the corresponding media type. Click on that to create your password reset disk. The software will automatically pick up the ISO file from your system and burn it to the drive or disk.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Boot Locked Windows 10 Computer with Reset Disk

Remove the media from the secondary computer and insert it into the one with the locked account. Next, you need to boot from this disk, so restart your computer and hit the Del key to get to the BIOS Setup page. You may be required to use a different special key, but it will be displayed during the boot process. In the BIOS Setup screen, change the boot device to correspond with the media you're using. Save your settings and resume the boot.

Step 3: Reset Lost Password for Windows 10

When your computer boots from the media you created, it will show the PassGeeker for Windows interface. This time, you will see options to choose your Windows version and the locked user account. Click on "Reset Password". Wait for the password to be removed, then hit "Reboot" after removing your disk or drive. You can enter the user name without a password in the login screen to gain access to your previously locked Windows 10 PC.

Windows Password Reset Completed



You are free to try any of the methods described above to recover lost Windows password, but remember that you will need varying levels of familiarity with disk authoring tools, ISO files, Command Prompt, WinPE, BIOS Setup, file systems and so on. With PassGeeker for Windows, just follow the three simple steps; click your mouse a few times and the job is done in minutes. This is not a password cracking utility. It simply reset the admin password no matter its length or complexity by using the password reset disk method of resetting your password. Try it and see for yourself how awesomely simple such an advanced task like Windows password recovery can be.