How to Reset Admin Password on HP Laptop without Disk

"All of a sudden, I forgot my password of HP laptop." You might have come across this situation in your life. A lot of users were panic and really worried about the data on the laptop. Is there a legit way to remove or reset login password without making damaging to the current device?

This is absolutely possible with the help of computer technology. Generally, there are two command solutions to reset a Windows password: command prompt and password recovery software. We will share the details and steps in following sections.

Method 1: How to Reset Administrator Password on HP Laptop without Disk by Command Prompt

Many individuals consider using the command prompt to reset HP laptop password. No problem with that but it requires some level of knowledget to get it done. It might look a little strange. But, it is an inevitable tool literally useful for various operations to make difficult things into simple ones. The steps to reset the HP laptop password has been enlisted below. Let us take Windows 10 here as an example.

Step 1: Before indulging in the reset process using the command prompt, you should have Windows 10 installation disc in hand. If it is not there, then you need to create a Windows 10 installation disk that can be either a DVD disc or USB stick.

Step 2: Boot the Windows 10 installation disc and press ??Shift + F10?? to open command prompt screen.

Step 3: Execute the below-given command in order to involve in the utility manager substitution.
move d:\windows\32system\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Reset Windows Password Ultiman.exe

Step 4: After the process, it is the time to eject the disk and restart the computer. In order to restart the computer, type "wpeutil reboot" in the cmd dialogue box. Then, select the "utility manager" to open the command prompt black box.

Step 5: Type the command "net user " to create a new admin and password. With the help of the installation disc, restore the utility manager and reboot the computer. Now, the password reset has been completed successfully.

Method 2: How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Windows 10/7 via Password Recovery Software

Compared to other programs, This Windows Password Recovery is the best software that has all built-in criteria to reset HP laptop password easily. No additional tools and commands are necessary while using the software. Let us have the brief step-by-step explanation to help you reset password on a HP laptop.



Step 1: Download and Install

Get another computer either laptop or desktop and download the software. Once the download is completed, double click the .exe file to install the software. After installation, the software is ready to use.

The program is free to use and test. So, the testing can be undertaken in order to know whether the programming software is capable of resetting the password or not. In order to activate your account, license code is needed.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Burn Files to USB or CD

When the registration is over, create a password reset disk. It can be done either using a CD or USB disc. It depends upon the user's convenience. Insert the disc and click the Burn option to start the task. After that, eject the disc and insert into the locked Hp laptop.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Reset HP Laptop Admin Password

After a few seconds of the disc detection, the program interface will appear in the locked computer's screen. Find the user account and click the "Reset Password" option. Now, the user password is completely removed from the computer. You can now login with that user account without password.

Windows Password Reset Completed

After the password reset, the computer will go back to the desktop directly after the reboot.




Though there is N number of software present, many users have been satisfied using password recovery software, which is faster and easier. Hence, make sure that you are downloading the software from the official site.