5 Best Ways to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

Windows 10 is the last version of Microsoft's extremely popular operating system and, as expected, it comes with a host of new features. One key feature is the fact that you can create multiple user accounts on the same Windows 10 device. This is particularly useful when multiple members of a family use the same PC. This is also needed when you are using the computer in an office environment. In such a scenario, you have what is known as an administrator account.

The admin account on Windows 10 is essentially the main account that controls the rest. It is the central point of entire system and as the system administrator, you can easily control all the other accounts. But if you ever get locked out of admin account, it can put you in a fix. Think of it as getting locked out of the main door of your house. In such a case, you still have a few options at your disposal. Here are some ways in which you can reset Windows 10 admin password.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Tool 1. Microsoft.com
Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Tool 2. Command Prompt
Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Tool 3. Reset My PC
Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Tool 4. PassGeeker for Windows
Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Tool 5. Ultimate Boot CD


Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #1: Microsoft.com

These days, Microsoft offers you the opportunity to create what is known as a Microsoft account, which can be used to sign in multiple Microsoft services, including Windows 10 computers. It can come in handy in case you forgot Windows 10 admin password. If the locked Windows 10 PC was linked to Microsoft account for login, then it is a great news as the password can be reset on Microsoft.com via the password forgot option like other websites offers. You can follow the steps in this part to reset Windows 10 administrator password.

Step 1: Open a web browser on another computer or smartphone.

Step 2: Type this url in address bar: https://account.live.com/password/reset

Reset Microsoft Account

Step 3: Input the Microsoft account you used for login. A verification code will now be sent to recovery email or registered cell phone.

Step 4: Enter the code you just received and you will now be be able to set a new password for Microsoft. And that's the password for login.

This is a simple and straightforward method that lets you change Windows 10 password. But this only works if you already logged in with Microsoft account. If this was not the case, you will have to try something else to reset Windows 10 administrator password.

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password #2: Command Prompt

In theory, only an admin account can be used to change the password of another admin account. But if you forgot one admin account password on Windows 10, you can use command prompt to enable the aletrnative administrator account and reset Windows 10 administrator password after that. Then login with the new admin and change password for other accounts that the password is lost. Here is how to do this in command prompt.

Step 1: Press down Shift and the Power button on Windows 10 comouter.

Step 2: Select Troubleshoot and go to Advanced Options.

Step 3: Hit on Command Prompt and type the following: net user Administrator /active:yes

Step 4: You will find that a new user account simply called Administrator has been created on your computer.

Step 5: You can directly access this account without the hassle of a password. Now move to Controal Panel and change password for other user accounts at the same computer.

Enable Hidden Admin Account

This method usually works well with most Windows 10 PCs. However it requires you to tinker around with command prompt and that is always a trick process. It doesn't offer a clean and simple solution to reset Windows 10 administrator password.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #3: Reset My PC

Reset My PC is a feature that is in-built in Windows 10 system. What it essentially does is completely resets your computer and reinstalls Windows 10. It's similar to the Factory Reset option you find on Android phones. However, keep in mind that this completely resets all your settinfs and gives you a fresh start. This is usually used in a worst case scenario when all other options fail to reset Windows 10 administrator password. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Click on the Power icon on your computer and hold down Shift and click on Reset. You will now be take to Advanced Startup Options.

Step 2: Click on Troubleshoot and select Reset This PC.

Step 3: You will now be given the option of either keeping all your files intact or resetting everything.

Step 4: Choose the one that works for you and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your system. Once the process completes, you will be able to access your computer and create a fresh admin password.

Reset This PC

Reset My PC is a feature that is used to get rid of inherent Windows issues. It is a rather extreme step to take if you are simply trying to remove Windows 10 password. It should literally be the last option you try when everything else fails.

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password #4: PassGeeker for Windows

Up to now, all the Windows 10 password reset tricks shared about require no addition software download or install. And they are preferred way to unlock a Windows 10 PC. However, the three methods does not cover all the cases, especially for those beginners who just have no clue what happended and they just want an easy way. That comes to the help of Windows password recovery software. In here, PassGeeker for Windows, one of the best tools to reset Windows 10 administrator password without data loss.

Unlike other Windows password recovery tools, PassGeeker for Windows is built with an fancy UI and has native support for legacy and UEFI computers, which means the password of 90% Windows computers can be reset successfully by this program. And that's why we make a recommendation in here.



Step 1: Installation

Use an alternate computer to download and install the software on a PC or Mac.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Burn WinPE to USB

Now, launch the program and insert either a bootable disc or bootable USB. Clikc the Burn button to copy Windows password reset utility to USB.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Change Boot Order

Now eject the disc or USB and insert it into the locked Windows 10 PC. Power on the computer and modify the boot order in BIOS. Make sure USB is the first booting device.

Step 4: Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

You will now be given the option of selecting any of the user accounts on that device. Select an admin account and click on "Reset Password". Within secords, the password associated to that account will be cleared up. Now, the password is set to blank. Unplug the USB and reboot the computer. That's all!

Windows Password Reset Completed

PassGeeker for Windows is simple, easy and fast. It works with all kinds of Windows systems and gives you a single click password recovery solution.


Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #5: Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is a rescue toolbox that includes all kinds of programs for system repair and rescue, such as data recovery, disk management, hardware diagnosis, and of course password reset. It is completely free and all the software are packed in one ISO file. In this part, we will use this free utility to reset Windows 10 administrator password.

Step 1: Find a fresh computer to download the utility.

Step 2: Burn the ISO image to USB or CD, which is bootable. Now insert that disc to locked Win10 computer and power it on. You will now find yourself in a new menu where you will have to select Parted Magic and click on Enter.

Step 3: Now click on Start menu at the left bottom corner, click Rescue and finally select Change Windows Password.

Step 4: You will now be able to change admin password found from Windows partition. Restart Windows 10 computer and login with the new password.

Change Windows Password UBCD

While this method works fairly well, there is no guarantee that it will work every time. It is constantly plagued by bugs and isn't the most reliable method out there.

Final Words

There are more than 5 methods to reset Windows 10 admin password. But the above are the most popular ones in 2019 according to user feedback. I am sure one of them will help you fix the issue. You should read the steps and requirement carefully before getting started.