How to Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password without CD or Software

Having a strong password for Windows 7 administrator is important because it keeps unauthorized users away. Also, it protects the computer from falling victim to hackers who are going to steal your data, money, and identity. So, if you're constantly changing your password, it is understandable if you forgot the current one you're using.

Under such a case, everyone knows how awkward it can be to forget a Windows 7 password, especially if it's the one you're using to log in to an administrator account. Well, not to worry too much because you will get to learn three different ways to reset Windows 7 administrator password for locked PC in this article.

Part 1. Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password by Clean Reinstall
Part 2. Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password by Password Reset Tool
Part 3. Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password by Hashcat


Part 1: How to Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password by Clean Reinstall

If you weren't able to prepare a reset disk in advance and are running out of other options, then your last resort would be to reinstall Windows 7. Since doing this would mean that all data would be erased from the primary disk, this option to reset Windows 7 administrator password isn't recommended unless, of course, if there is absolutely no other way available to remove the password. Here are the steps that you should follow when reinstalling Windows 7:

Step 1: Put in the installation disk for Windows 7 on the computer.

Step 2:Turn on the computer immediately . You will notice that the operating system files are being automatically loaded as soon as the computer is switched on and starts processing.

reinstall Windows 7

Step 3: As soon as the Windows 7 setup wizard appears, click on the Install Now button. This will prompt various stages for the installation of Windows 7. At this point, just keep clicking on Next.

Step 4: When the setup wizard asks for preferred location, just select your primary disk and continue to wait as the setup wizard installs Windows 7 on your computer. Upon successful installation of the operating system, the computer will then automatically reboot. Now, you can log in without entering any password.

Part 2: How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Third-Party Tool

Computer technology has been advanced rapidly in last a few years and many new solutions are available now to reset Windows 7 administrator password. Reinstall is worse option in 2018 as there are a lot of better tools being developed. One of the biggest advantages of password recovery tool is that the password will be blanked in seconds and they are user friendly, which means only a few mouse clicks to complete the task. Why not giving it a try, right?

In here, we will use LabWin Windows Password Reset Tool because of its reliability (being tested on 100+ Windows computers with 90% success rate). It is a great password recovery tool that is trusted by thousands of Windows users across the globe. It was even tested on a variety of computer brands like Dell, Asus, ThinkPad, and HP, to name a few.



Step 1: Download and Install LabWin Password Reset Tool on Another PC

Download and install PassGeeker for Windows in a separate computer. After it is successfully installed, run the program and input your email and the correct registration code in order to activate it.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Make Windows 7 Password Reset USB or DVD

Insert either a blank CD/DVD or a flash drive into the computer. Then, click on the Burn CD/DVD or Burn USB option so that you could make a reset disk.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Start Resetting Windows 7 Administrator Password

Transfer the CD/DVD or flash drive to the affected computer. Now, reboot the affected computer and select either DVD or flash drive as the booting device.

Windows Password Reset Completed

Once the program being loaded on screen, select the correct username for the locked account and click on the Reset Password button to reset the target account password. Then, click on the Reboot button. Now, you are all set. You can now log in without entering a password.


Part 3: Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password by Hashcat

Hashcat is an open-source password recovery tool being used mostly by hackers. It is able to recover over a hundred types of password and available for Linux, Windows, and OS X. It is a great alternative to reset Windows 7 administrator password if you want to know what the password is instead of blanking it. However, it would take days or weeks to unlock a locked computer. And it is much complicated for beginners.

1. Visit Hashcat's website and make sure that your GPU goes above the requirement specification that is shown on the website.

2. After making sure that your GPU meets and/or goes beyond the requirement, the first thing to consider is the mode of attack.

3. Search for wordlist on Google Chrome and download it and place it on a folder. Select and input the destination folder for your Hashcat folder into the command prompt. Then, run the Hashcat file and make sure that your required bit fits.

4. After making sure that your GPU meets and/or goes beyond the requirement, the first thing to consider is the mode of attack.

5. Indicate the attack modes that are found on Hashcat's website and choose a hash depending on the attack mode that you want. Next, copy the hashcode on a note and save it on the Hashcat folder with your preferred file name.

6. Then, input the file name of the Hashcat file into the command prompt and add the extension .exe and add ?Cn and type the code of your preferred attack mode. After that, input a double dash and a single dash and the text ??file?? and another single dash. 10.Then, type the file name of the blank note, another double dash, the text ??remove hash.txt wordlist/?? and press the Enter key.

Recover Windows 7 Password


Reinstall or Hashcat will take much more time than LabWin for success password reset. However, you have to spend a few bucks to purchase a license of LabWin Password Recovery. So it is more a personal choice. Actually, people always prefer the faster option to reset Windows 7 administrator password as time is more important in nowadays.