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4 Methods to Reset Windows Server 2019 Admin Password

Your Windows Server 2019 was locked becuase the admin left and without telling the password? Or the server was hacked and not able to login? Here are 4 methods to reset Windows Server 2019 password. […]

How to Reset Windows Server 2012 Password

Windows Server 2012 is stilla prominent option for system administration. Unlike desktop Windows desktop versions, it needs some extra effort to reset Windows Server 2012 password if you forgot it. […]

3 Tips to Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

Toshiba laptops are well protected by the hidden features shipped on each devices. This makes its much harder to break into the system. Hence, it takes more time to reset Toshiba laptop password. […]

4 Actionable Methods to Reset BIOS Password

BISO password is an secure layer for protecting the hardware configuration. If you forgot BIOS password, here are four Actionable tips to Easily reset BIOS password. […]

Forgot Surface Laptop Password? Best Solutions to Reset It

When you forgot login password of Surface Laptop, do not be pissed off or scared. Here are the best solutions to reset Surface Laptop password […]

Forgot Asus Laptop Password? The Easy Way to Reset Password

Asus is a very popular brand for making great laptops. If you forgot or lost Asus laptop password, then here is a few nice ways to unlock or reset password. […]