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How to Break Windows 10 Administrator Password in 3 Ways

Breaking forgotten Windows 10 password is a big challenge if you couldn't figure out the real password. Actually, the login passwor can be cracked or removed with command prompt or Windows password recovery tools. […]

Lost Windows 10 Admin Password and No Reset Disk

Lost or forgot Windows 10 administrator password without reset disk? Is this still possible to recover or reset Windows 10 login password? If yes, how to do so? […]

Reset Windows 10 Local Admin with Command Prompt

For most of Windows 10 users, they don't have any experience with command prompt, the most advanced tool for system administration on Windows. We will use this tool to reset Windows 10 local admin password. […]

Reset Windows 10 Password with Ubuntu USB

You can do a lot of things with Ubuntu and Windows password reset is the one we mention less frequently. Only geekers or hackers know this trick. So we share it to command users. […]

How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password

Windows 7 still powers a lot of old devices and one major issue is that people tend to forget the login password when not being able to use it from time to time. […]

How to Unlock Windows 10 Computer without Password

You mus be pissed off when Windows 10 blocked access to current user account, even with the correct password. How does this happen and how to unlocked this locked Windows 10 computer? […]

Forgot Windows 10 Password of Local Admin Account

I received a complain from an user asking how to recover the password of admin account on an old Windows 10 PC. He would be reinstall Windows 10 if no valid option is available for now. […]

How to Get into a Locked Windows Laptop or PC

PC or laptop being locked for too many login attempts or just couldn't have the correct password? The problem can be fixed in several manners without digging into much of tech details. […]

How to Remove a Login Password on Windows 10

There are times that we couldn't remember Windows 10 login password. So we are looking for solutions to remove the login password from the computer. Is this possible in 2018? […]

How to Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password

When your Windows 10 computer was locked and can't get into, one of the most recommended suggestios is to bypass the login password. What kind of actions should be taken to remove the password from lock screen? […]