How to Unlock Windows 10 without Password for PC & Laptop

Windows is probably one of the most popular desktop operating systems in the planet, and Microsoft keeps updating the OS with a new version almost every year to keep it polished, functional, and up to date with times. One of the most significant advantages of using Windows in our computers is that it gives us the possibility to protect our data using a locking password to avoid any form of meddling from other users. To up the ante with the latest update of Windows 10, we now have several types of mechanisms to protect our PC from any illegal access, including a keyword password, an image password, and using a Microsoft account to get access. What is to do if the computer was locked due to wrong password input?

The source of worries begins when you put a stop to the task you are about to do when you suddenly realize that you forgot your own password. For lack of a better term, this can be a massive source of frustration if you are in a hurry and need to use your PC on the spot. Without entering a password, the PC will not allow any form of access to any file or document on the hard drive. Is time to take a deep breath before you pop a vein and get pissed. Don't toss your computer, stay calm and be ready to work on a solution we are about to give you a few tips to unlock Windows 10 computer without the need of a password. Sit tight and read up:

Method 1. Unlock Windows 10 Password with Software
Method 2. Unlock Windows 10 Password Using Default SAC Account
Method 3. Unlock Windows 10 Password by Resetting Microsoft Password


Method 1: How to Unlock Windows 10 Password with Software

As far as I know, there are at least 10+ solutions available to unlock Windows 10 computer without inputting the password. It is hard to list all of them in here and only three of the most effective ones being demonstrated at here. We get started with the easiest one first - use Windows password reset tool, which removes Windows 10 password from locked computer in seconds.

PassGeeker for Windows is one of the most reliable Windows password recovery programs to bypass Windows 10 password on any Windows operating systems. The program can fulfill the task of creating a password reset device using physical flash drives or CD/DVDs. Once created, it can be used on multiple Windows devices to unlock Windows 10 password for local account, including normal user and administrator account.



Step 1: Download Windows 10 Password Unlocking Software

Get to a separate computer and download the PassGeeker for Windows software. Run the .exe file and let the software install completely on the device to create the reset code that will be stored in the USB drive or the CD/DVD.

Windows Password Reset Open

Step 2: Make Password Reset Disk

After you get PassGeeker for Windows up and running on the computer, the software will ask for a device to create the booting device you need. The program can recognize instantly if you insert a flash drive or a CD and will offer a "Burn" option on the spot.

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 3: Unlock Windows 10 Computer without Password

PassGeeker for Windows will create the key to boot your device. You need to fire up your Windows-10 computer and hit the f5 key until you get BIOS setting on the screen. In this menu, you can change the boot device from the pre-set HDD option to USB drive or CD/DVD.

Reboot the computer one more time and place the USB drive or the disk in the computer. The code created by PassGeeker for Windows will load instantly on a display screen with a basic interface that will allow you to get access to your Windows-10 computer by creating a new user and password.

Windows Password Reset Completed

After offering that information, you will be asked to restart the computer again, and that will be the end of it. You will see how easily to unlock Windows 10 with this wonderful software.


Method 2: Unlock Windows 10 Password Using Super Administrator Account

The Super Administrator Account (SAC) is a preexisting account that gets installed by default when Windows 10 is run for the first time on a new PC. That account can be activated if you ever get locked out of your main account. You can use it to renew the keyword password of your locked account if needed. Beware though: this is a hidden feature of Windows-10 but and you it may be difficult to apply if you don't know your way around our OS. This is what you have to do to unlock Windows 10 computer with this useful trick.

Step 1: Sitch on the computer and wait until you get the login screen.

Step 2: Now Press "Shift" at least five times on the keyboard to gain access to the Super Administrator Account.

Step 3: Using the SAC account go straight to the control panel. Once you are there, you can change the password of the locked account and save the changes.

Step 4: Restart your computer one more time, log in with the new password and you are done.

Super Admin Account Windows 10

Method 3: Unlock Windows 10 Computer by Resetting Microsoft Account Password

Microsoft nearly integrated all their web services under a single banner aptly named "Microsoft account." It allows you to have under a single roof full access to your Outlook e-mail, your Xbox ID and of course your Windows 10 account. If you are using this service to protect your personal computer, you may have an easier way to unlock Windows 10 by setting a new password for login. Just by following these steps:

Step 1: The first thing you will need is a working laptop, desktop or smartphone. Open a browser tab and write this address: Pick the "I Forgot My Password" option and clicked "next."

Step 2: Now on the next window, you will have to enter an email address or a phone number linked to your Microsoft account. You will receive a one-time security keyword on your e-mail or as an SMS in your phone. You need to input that code on the Microsoft page.

Step 3: After confirming the information, you will be asked to reset Windows 10 password with a new one. This time write it somewhere, so you don't forget it. Now go to the locked Windows 10 device and turn it on. Enter the new password, and you should be back on business.

Beware though: this recovery method won't work at all if you don't have a Microsoft account as your main default access!

Reset Windows 10 Password Online

Wrapping Up

All of the methods to unlock Windows 10 password are proven to work fine on latest Windows 10 PCs and laptops. However, each method applies to different situations. So make sure following the correct direction for your own case. If you don't know what is, short us an email and we will work through the steps to help you solve the password issue in short time.