Windows 10 Tips

Windows 10 Sign in Options Missing in Login Screen

All of a sudden, Windows login options is not showing at the login screen so there is no way to input the password. It is stuck at there and look for suggestions to get it fixed. […]

Encrypt Windows 10 Partition For Free with BitLocker

Windows 10 has a stock encryption software called BitLocker, which is able to fully encrypt any Windows disk with 256 bit encrytion algorithms. Almost impossible to break the protection! […]

How to Free Upgrade to Windows 10 in 2019

Windows 10 performs much better than previous Windows versions even on old devices. So many people are asking if there were still opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in 2019? […]

2 Best Ways to Create a Bootable Image from DVD Disc

DVD Drive is not a stock option for many laptops and desktops. So you have to convert and copy the content from DVD to a local drive or an ISO file if it was bootable. […]

4 Tips to Disable Windows 10 Auto Update Permanently

Windows 10 Update policy is horrible and a lot of people get pissed off because of the automatic update. No easy to turn off the stupid policy. Howere, there are always smart solution out there. […]

How to Fix Windows 10 October Update Issue in 2018

There are several known issues with Windows 10 October Update. If you came across one of the issues, please follow the suggestions in this post. If the update was not installed, just leave it alone until the bugs were fixed by Microsoft. […]

How to Create Windows 10 Installation USB from ISO

When you forgot the login password or the computer was in death of blue screen, a Windows installation disc is needed to fix the issue. This post tells you how to create Windows 10 installation USB in two ways. […]

How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark in Windows 10

"Activate Windows" stays on Windows 10 desktop, how to remove the watermark permanently in 2018? You can remove the activation watermark with or with a product key. […]

How to Activate Windows 10 For Free

Activating Windows 10 has been much harder than before. This article shows you how to activate Windows 10 with or without a license key. Activate Windows 10 2018 for free. […]